When to dispute an order

Disputes are used to protect yourself from getting scammed This works only on orders made within the escrow system – FE orders are without protection Every escrow order on Archetyp will be auto-finalized after a time-limit is hit. Each vendor sets different limits, you can see them on their listing. If you order, you will also see this timer start to run, the moment a vendor marks your order as shipped.

Note! It’s your duty to watch this timer, if the timer is about to run out, that means it’s smaller than 24 hours, you should either: extend the auto-finalize timer, this can be done once per order or: dispute your order, to freeze the escrow amount and make sure your pack lands Disputes on Archetyp If you want to start a dispute, you have to visit your /order/id and click onto “Dispute”, please enter a small description why you want to dispute your order. The best descriptions are – I disputed the order, as the package did not arrive and the order is about to auto-finalize – The package did not arrive today and I can not extend the timer anymore, therefore I disputed this order Now you wait. The vendor will see the dispute and will give a small response in most cases it’s something like: “Alright, I’m sure the package will land shortly.” Sometimes packages do not land on time and sometimes they do not land at all, there are multiple reasons why, after a while you will likely get impatient, but trust me, it’s better to have a bit of faith and wait a bit longer. Make sure to log in every couple days and to update the dispute with a status, this is to show the support staff, that you still did not receive your product. If you waited a reasonable time and you and the vendor did not come to any solution for this dispute, you may click the button: “Request a moderator”.

Request a moderator

You see this button first, seven days after the dispute started. This button will get the attention of one moderator who will then try to mediate this dispute. After some time, we will come to a solution based on whoever seemed more believable, we consider the stats of buyer and vendor, dispute messages, terms and conditions of the vendor and a bit we rely on our gut feeling.

More information and references to the darkweb here.